Drago Bentley: Space Detective #1




Drago Bentley: Space Detective #1
32pages | Color

Drago Bentley: Space Detective is a sci-fi crime tech-noir story about a gifted private detective; Drago Bentley. It’s the early 22nd century and anything can be implanted and reclaimed just ask Joe. Joe is blinded when his optical implants are switched off and he is forced to reanimate his hated-android “seeing eye dog.” Joe is on the case to solve the whereabouts of the missing billionaire, and, in the process expose the truth behind a militant group of high level androids and a corrupt senator hell-bent on controlling the world.

Creative Team: Story: Joseph Kisch. Art: Dave Acosta. Color: Goran Kostadinoski. Letters: Teddy Pavon. Cover: Ash Madi