Ric McClune: Second Fastest Gun in the West #1




Ric McClune: Second Fastest Gun in the West #1
32pages | Color

As Ric McClune’s world unfolds, not only in this issue but all those that will follow many questions will be answered. Why is he called the “Second Fastest Gun in the West?” What is his past? Why he is who he is? In these adventures you will be provided a disturbing insight into the horrors of “The Brotherhood of the Gun” and be left pondering … Is Ric McClune evil? Good? Or both?

The journey starts here before your eyes in a 32 page comic and we would love nothing more than to share it with you. Join us and Ric McClune in our first issue.

Creative Team: Story: Haydn Spurrell. Art: Ben Sullivan. Color: Jeff Edis. Letters: Darren Close. Cover: Ben Sullivan.

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