Daryl TORN #1


TORN between his world and ours, will he become a Hero or Villain. Only those that will follow will only know.



Torn 1 begins with a REAL-WORLD headline…from a UFO sighting in Westall Victoria back in 1966. That’s the SPRINGBOARD for the whole thing.

Torn 1 also introduces you to a new vocabulary. Hyperhumans. Genetic Drifters. Designer Drifters.

It opens up the door to not JUST Torn and Red Gum, but a whole world.

Gary Dellar thought up an incredible concept and characters.

It was the task of myself and Peter Peter J Lawson to bring this set of characters and concept all into being on the printed page.


Where will we be going from here? Further. Onwards.


Be also sure to catch other titles. Reverie trade paperback…and Toby and the Magic Pencil (especially Toby if you want to catch up with Red Gum’s origin). – George HAll