Toby and the Magic Pencil #2

With REVERIE #2 kickstarter coming very soon we have just started promoting Toby and the Magic Pencil #2. Artwork is by the brilliant Australian Artist Ben Sullivan.

On-going story by Gary Dellar.

Toby has been our best seller to date with over 350 issues sold. Reverie #1 was 300 issues sold. Both Toby and the Magic Pencil #1 and Reverie #1 will be revamped for the second printing sometime next year. Don’t miss Toby and the Magic Pencil #2 when available very soon!



Story: Gary Dellar. Art: Michal Dutliewicz.

Our first Sci-Fi comic is fast becoming a reality and will become available via kickstarter. Most likely just after our REVERIE #2 kickstarter. Keep your eyes and ears glued to our site for further developments.


REVERIE Kickstarter SOLD OUT!!

Its official, REVERIE Kickstarter edition of 304 issues has been sold out. The few remaining copies that are now available, go to the shop here to purchase. We will reprint very shortly with an updated edition of REVERIE #1. This will be the retail version and will be available in shops that stock Australian content.  Part of the sold out 305 issues were 50 REVERIE Kickstarter Editions which are issues that were signed by 20 contributors. All will truly be a collectors’ must-have.

TORN Released! & Red Gum our local Aussie superhero..

TORN has finally been released. It’s been a long wait but well worth seeing George Hall and Peter Lawson’s awesome work. Look forward to seeing the interesting characters that will amaze and slide off the pages next two issues.  Already sales are great on our web-site and the feedback is very interesting. Thank you for all your support.  Red Gum, our local Aussie superhero, is the person you want around if in trouble. As for Daryl TORN, is he a hero or villain? Time will tell.



“In my mind what can’t be captured through comics isn’t worth capturing” Mark Selan

Nobody in Australia has stopped a vibrant and passionate community of creators from placing ink to paper.  Telling single gags  or funny stories, sad stories, adventurous stories , horrendous stories  and exciting stories.

This is a old way yet a new look of showing the world what Australian’s have achieved.  A catalogue of past creations and those that are more recently published. A publication that will survive on the contributions of scanners/collectors that love this medium.

With this small article we give the calling to all to send in scans [300dpi] of old and new comics so as we can build and evolve this reference guild for all to use.

“Behind each stroke of ink, every word balloon is passion There aren’t many rewards in comics except for the love that flows within and around a completed product. Something that you can own and cherish for your eternity.”

First issue is due out free with REVERIE #2. Information available within the printed version. Don’t miss this issue!!


CACA cover is a work in progress.

Reverie #1

REVERIE: Australia’s Favourite Comic Anthology

Coming soon in print.

Not too long now and all our supporters that are waiting patiently are about to be rewarded.

Keep up with the news in February and the date for delivery will be announced.



COMING UP: Some great new titles that will soon be announced.