REVERIE Kickstarter SOLD OUT!!

Its official, REVERIE Kickstarter edition of 304 issues has been sold out.

Part of the sold out 305 issues were 50 REVERIE Kickstarter Editions which are issues that were signed by 20 contributors. All will truly be a collectors’ must-have.

Reverie will be revamped for the 2020 with issue #2 out half way through the year.  There will be a few changes and the page content will be down to the regular issue of 32 pages. Details to follow.

TORN Released! & Red Gum our local Aussie superhero..

TORN has finally been released. It’s been a long wait but well worth seeing George Hall and Peter Lawson’s awesome work. Look forward to seeing the interesting characters that will amaze and slide off the pages next two issues.  Already sales are great on our web-site and the feedback is very interesting. Thank you for all your support.  Red Gum, our local Aussie superhero, is the person you want around if in trouble. As for Daryl TORN, is he a hero or villain? Time will tell.


Coming up Reverie #2 and more!

Coming up in the future.  As you already know REVERIE #2 will be out and on Kickstarter very soon, don’t miss this edition; I hope you all will be back to support us. RIC McCLUNE as you know is a western comic and currently in pre-production.  Loving westerns as I do, this is the one to purchase. A finished painted cover will be on show soon.  THE CHRONICLES OF VORN is our first Sci-Fi title currently in production now and we have already generated a large number of pre-sales.  A cover sample is on show within the pages of TORN. Well worth the look. Purchase now on our web-site. HOONSVILLE is our second sci-fi title with a cover very soon. This is a must have.