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When young Toby inherits a Magic Pencil that has been handed down the family line he is greatly excited. He loves to draw, of course the only catch is whenever you draw with the Magic Pencil the drawing becomes reality. Hence he quickly has to learn how to get himself out of danger.

The story is told in comic format and is suitable for all ages. Those that love a great story in fantastically awesome worlds and situations that mind boggle us all, this is for you. For everyone.


The popular Aussie comic anthology from the 1980′s is back, and repackaged for the 21st Century!!


Join the infectious enthusiasm that abounds throughout anthology book. Focusing on and promoting Australian comic book writers and artists, as well as including articles on a plethora of creative talent throughout Australia’s past and present. So meet the Reverie crew …..


News and Announcements

Exploring Reveries new site? Found any problems? please report them to us so we can fix those immediately!


Fil Barlow

“Whenever I see anyone talking about any comics you should read to see what this medium is capable of I always think of is Zooniverse.” — Brandon Graham, creator of King City, Escalator and Multiple Warheads.

Fil Barlow has been in the creative industry for a long time. His impressive and exuberant cartooning skills are something that nobody should miss out on.

Reverie first appeared in the early eighties and Fil joined us back then.  We are proud to have him as a regular contributor for Reverie now. Some of his works are astounding and worth the swim in the pure creative talent he gives us. He is best known for his Comic series Zooniverse, that followed an eclectic group of aliens as they traipse to and fro in a space station known as the Hub.

This issue Fil’s contribution is a beautifully executed short story titled Aquarine.

Darren Koziol

He is one of Australia’s absolutely awesome publisher/writers bringing you the best there is in Australian Horror and Sci-Fi.

Darren has been around for some time now promoting Aussie talent. He is our regular contributor with a brilliant Sci-Fi story ‘Captain Ice:Marooned’  with fantastic hand painted art by contributor Ben Sullivan.

Retro Sci-Fi Tales #5 is 52-pages – full colour – with 8 fantastic short stories – 9 amazing pin-ups/covers. Featuring the story ‘Christmas Magic’ bringing fun & excitement with a sense of nostalgia as aliens visit the Adelaide Christmas Pageant. Plus heaps more! From 17 amazing creators. This issue is featured in our Indie Comics Bundle. So don’t miss this one.

Ben Slabak

Ben Slabak is the founder of Cloud 9 Comix, a digital comic book publishing company, having launched in 2010. Initially an open indie platform and carrying hundreds of creator-owned titles, Cloud 9 has since evolved to become a boutique publisher and developer of original content.

Ben himself started adapting a novel he had been writing at the time into a graphic novel series back in 2013. Titled ‘Trail’, the limited series follows in the footsteps of Marco Polo who himself is on the trail of the biblical Three Kings. Combining many years of academic research and study, as well as globe-trotting adventures, he has since launched a spin-off series, ‘Trail: New World’, set in the late 1940s.

In 2015 he set about creating his own space opera with the widely acclaimed sci-fi action series ‘Exilium’, which has been picked up by Alterna Comics for their hugely popular newsprint line, set to be released in comic book stores and on newsstands worldwide from August 2018. The first issue of ‘Reverie’ features an all new, exclusive 10-page story from the world of ‘Exilium’, set right here in Australia.

The most recent of his projects sees Ben tackling the very notion of time, with a new sci-fi adventure series, ‘Terminus A Quo’, featuring the artwork of Pablo Verdugo Munoz of the Winter City fame.

You can grab the first issue of each of his four series as one of the rewards in this Kickstarter, along with a copy of ‘Reverie’. (Note: a variant cover may be provided depending on stock availability)

The Reverie cover is by Michal Dutkiewicz, who contributed to the original Reverie, before making a name for himself in U.S. comics.  Lost in Space (with actor and writer Bill Mumy), Wolverine: Doombringer, Batman Forever and Superman, as well as Angelwitch, Book 1: Dragonscarpe and Angelwitch, Book 2: Triumvarite are among his overseas work.  For Reverie, he updates his Electronaut concept.

 Alan Rose

“The Fabulous Bush Pigs” is presently published in 7 regional newspapers! Now thanks to Alan it’s now published in Reverie as ongoing stories.

The Fabulous Bush Pig’s play country and western, folk music and play variety of instruments: bush banjoes, bush basses, bog reed flutes, and drums made of rusty old tins. They sing through microphones made of old sewer pipes but you don’t have to be into folk music or swine to enjoy this awesome comic. If this is your first time introduction we know you will come back for more…..

……to miss them would be UNTHOINKABLE!

Roger Stitson

He is a freelance writer and recently has begun writing comics. Roger wrote  Cut Down, a comic with art by Dave Dye. Dave is making a name for himself in a number of recent Australian comic events.

Cut Down is about a liar and a cheat, a mysterious bookshop and a dire prophecy. These are the ingredients for a modern fable about a man confronted by his own misdeeds. Worth finding and reading.

David Dye

Dave is known for Cut Down mentioned previously and Amazing Tales #1 a Sci-fi comic, with of course, amazing short stories,

The Anzac Legend is his first book and was a major undertaking. This is a graphic history, which tells the story of the Australia’s part in the Great War up until a week after the landing at Gallipoli in 1915. He is currently working on another Graphic story on the Eureka Stockade.

Dave and Roger combine together to bring you “Tales of the Blue Sage” in Reverie.

 Paul Harris

In life various people you meet have either a great touch on your very existence and move worlds deep within your soul. Some people don’t. Paul is one that has been a great friend and luckily he has great talent.

You will just have to read, enjoy and only then will you understand the words I write above ……

Paul has given us all the wonderful story “The Tragic True Story of Joe Lee, Swagman”

 Paul Caggegi

Paul is known for his Pandeia comic series where Corben Wallace must uncover the secrets of a long-forgotten past in order to secure a future for humanity. All the while, a cold war is quickly heating up around him.

Recently he has been working on Homebased – The kid is in daycare. His partner is at work. Keeping house is more than he bargained for.

Featured in Reverie is the first Homebased strip in color.


Reverie is blessed to have a number of cartoonist featured in this first issue. Peter Haywood with the pen name “Zane” has been entertaining all since way back in the 80s. His biggest time as cartoonist was within “Aussie Post magazine” and has gone onto great strips such as “Ozzy-Nauts”.

This issue he has given us his brilliant introduction to “Spacecapades”. This strip appeared in D-Mag 2000 – 2005. Mania 2001 – 2005. The Age 2003 -2004.

Somethings in life you can not miss! This comic strip is awesome! A must have! Pledge now!

Matt Emery

Matt Emery is a cartoonist and comics historian specializing in New Zealand and Australian comics. In recent years, he has maintained an Australasian cartooning blog at pikitiapress.com. Matt also manages Pikitia Press in its capacity as a publisher. He joins us as writer and as with this issue we dedicate Reverie #1 to Gerald Carr, Matt provides an article and interview on Gerald within. It’s a must read.

Peter Player

Another Australian cartoonist who will be contributing to Reverie. He has a awesome comic featured in our next Reverie trade paperback. Spoiler alert below. Fishman cover art by Peter Player

Reverie #2

And finally, for this next part, I have to hand over to Reverie writer George Hall to explain:

Gary Dellar

“Gary Dellar, Reverie’s publisher, has always had a strong commitment to Australian comics.  The first version of Reverie years ago filled an important role in the Australian scene, giving opportunity to new artists, giving time for others to build and hone their craft, to serve as a springboard to later endeavours.  This NEW, 21st century Reverie, Gary has drawn a number of creators to the project including those who’ve contributed before and set up quite a trade paperback, with some innovative new approaches to the trade paperback method.  Gary’s OWN contribution to the story side of Reverie 1 is as scripter of The Vorgon Conspiracies.” — George Hall, writer/artist original Reverie, writer 21st century Reverie.

All these great reasons to support this fab anthology…