Australian Indie comics.

The popular Aussie Publisher from the 1980′s is back, and in a continued blaze of glory giving OZ an awesome amount of new titles to read and collect!!

Kickstarter for Ric McClune.

Variant Black and White Interior edition.
Regular cover and virgin cover will also be available via kickstarter. Link available soon.

Join the infectious enthusiasm that abounds throughout REVERIE comic books. Focusing on and promoting Australian comic book writers and artists, as well as including articles on a plethora of creative talent throughout Australia’s past and present. It’s now time to jump over the edge and swim in Australia’s creative energy pool! REVERIE PUBLICATIONS.

Our table was a great success.

Many thanks to all those that dropped by and said hello. Cheers.


Our table was a huge success. Cannot wait for the next time around with some great prizes for all to see.

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    The CHRONICLES of VORN. Story: Gary Dellar. Art: Michal Dutliewicz. Our first Sci-Fi comic is fast becoming a reality and will become available via kickstarter. Most likely just after our REVERIE #2 kickstarter. Keep your eyes and ears glued to our site for further developments.  
  • REVERIE Kickstarter SOLD OUT!!

    REVERIE Kickstarter SOLD OUT!!

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What a line up!

TORN #1. Out Now!  Reverie #2. WIP. OUT VERY SOON!  The Chronicles of VORN #1 WIP. Ric McClune: Second Fastest Gun in the West #1. WIP.



We are currently looking for shops around Australia that will stock our comics.  All will be listed and mentioned on our site as well as in our printed comics.